Pet Spa and Massage

An elegant spa treatment to reward your pet in the best way possible.

Luxurious Pet Spa Services

Contrary to popular belief, relaxing and luxurious spa services are not just for humans. At Penelope pet grooming in Waco, we understand that your pets can also benefit from a touch of the good life and have developed a line of spa services in a tranquil, relaxing setting perfectly suited for a pampered pooch.

All of our upscale pet spa services in Waco will start with a bathing and grooming session that will have your pet looking immaculate. With a beautiful shine and a perfect trim, we're capable of organizing any number of entertaining activities, such as a doggie film screening, birthday party celebration, or just relaxing in a well-appointed pet suite.

Pet spa services from Penelope pet grooming are available both as a day service and as an overnight boarding opportunity. For the latter option, your treasured pet will have an attendant on-hand 24/7 and receive the ultimate in Waco luxury pet treatment.

To schedule a visit to our pet spa in Waco, simply dial 254-399-6700 to speak to a member of the Penelope pet grooming team.

Your pet is in good hands – dial 254-399-6700 for Unrivaled Pet Grooming.

The Penelope pet grooming pet services facility is located in Waco where we offer the best in pet grooming and pet spa options.


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